Hello there!

I’m a bilingual Singaporean who has lived in 5 countries in the intersection of creativity, languages, and cultures. I love what I do by ensuring my work brings meaning through both the result and process.

Currently, I’m based in Hong Kong and Singapore working on projects for clients such as Twitter, Grab, Uniqlo, and Tatler. HNWorth and SilverKris magazine are editorial platforms I continue contribute regularly to. As both editor and digital copywriter, I specialise in content that centre around interviews, research, and SEO.

I was previously a Senior Digital Copywriter in PayPal’s international HQ focusing on multichannel digital marketing, SEO writing, and content localisation. I’ve also worked as a PR Editor and Sub-Editor for print and digital editorial platforms. Other skills I picked up along the way include social media marketing and photography.

Over the years, I have run campaigns for various social causes. They’re madcap adventures of fundraising, research, content concept and production, design, media outreach and publicity, social marketing — whatever it takes to bring a campaign from start to end. When the madness ends I take a trip to Bali and swear off doing something like that again. Somehow I always find myself getting involved in new projects. Being able to use your skills for a cause larger than yourself is a privilege I hope to do more of.

I also translate from Mandarin Chinese into English, and am currently a National Translation Committee Ambassador for Singapore. My works have been published online and in print, as well as exhibited in an international conference in Hong Kong.

Always a curious cat, I devour periodic journals, books and podcasts on topics like business and social entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and the creative processes. I sometimes write summaries on them.

I’m a nerd and believe strongly in research and accuracy. Communications schooled me in critical thinking, accuracy, and the ability to make things happen with big ideas if you work hard and smart. I also believe in having fun without subtracting work quality. If you’re stuck and want to know how you can amplify your brand, drop me a line. Let’s talk.

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