What is content all about?


It’s not always clear what you need.

Content can be overwhelming and confusing. Do you need an editor or writer? What kind of writing do you need? And how do you plan the creation of content?

Good content needs more than a deep understanding of your audience. It also requires marketing insight, a strong grasp of language, and the ability to contextualise research into something relevant and useful. Keeping up to date with industry trends will also be an asset.

It’s also important to prioritise according to your needs if you want lasting and measurable impact. I hope this list, while not inexhaustible, can help demystify the world of content to find what you need.

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Already have a written content you need to update, or reshape for new needs? An editor is what you need to ready your text for publication.

The type of editing required depends on the raw text. There’s content editing that can clearly organise a broad service offering for your website, copy editing to review linguistic consistency, and proofreading to keep your text error-free. Localising content for new markets, for example, will probably not need content editing, but copyediting and proofreading.

Content Strategy

Looking to launch a product, a new website, or a marketing brochure? You’d want someone who can plan and conceptualise content, coordinate with stakeholders and advertisers, and work with various team members from start to end of production. Bonus points for carrying marketing insight and project management skills.

Here’s an example of a project that needed content strategy for a range of print marketing brochures and coffeebook.


Only 42% of content marketers are actually talking with customers to understand their needs. Differentiate yourself by getting a writer close to the ground, and who writes for your target audience.


SEO Writing

SEO is what will amplify the reach of your content by using targeted words in specific ways to optimise search engine ranking. SEO writing is well-researched, relevant and data-driven.

Here’s an example of a PayPal How-To Guide that introduces a product to a rapidly emerging market.

Website Content

Your website should sell the same way a physical store would. Get a team who understands how text and visuals shape the user experience from top to end to bring readers to where you want them to be.


Copywriters write the texts you see on any promotional material, including brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more. That headline you see? That’s copy, too.

Case Studies

Real case studies make your product and services relevant, accessible and real to consumers.

Translation Editing & Proofreading

Quick translation work can lose on editorial sense and flair. You need an editor who can edit, proofread and fact-check against your source text to ensure the translation is accurate, readable and what you need it to be. 


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Campaign Communications

Having planned and executed several campaigns myself, I can plan your communications across channels for fundraising and awareness.

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Translation & Adaptation (ZH-EN)

You don’t want to sound like Google Translate. I combine literary sensibilities and editorial precision for translations that answer to your context.

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