I love profiling people. I love getting to know their personalities and beliefs. I love drawing out their narratives. Most of all, I love our conversations. A good one gives insight and reinvigorates. A good one stays with you.

To ensure my interviewees leave feeling the same, I take the time to do research and frame questions. Each interview grants access to an individual’s story, and my role is to tell it the best I can.



I take the same approach for all commissions. Like people, brands have personalities and stories that set them apart. Understanding that has brought me to create content for global brands and boutique agencies. As both editor and digital marketer, I also ensure copy is SEO-optimised and written for its format and design.


Portraits above by Juliana Tan (Tan Kheng Hua, Pocket Sun) and Yew Jia Jun (Baey Yam Keng, Janice Koh, Honor Harger) for High Net Worth.