Issue #14: Incompetent leadership, Habits, and Innovation

A Round-up of Recent Podcasts and Reads

Leadership: Why Are We Still Promoting Incompetent Men?

A non-sexist case for the lack and value of feminine traits in leadership. Based on research and argued for by a man.

“If we want to upgrade the quality of our leaders, we need to stop falling for people who are overconfident, charismatic and even narcissistic, and select people on traits such as humility, integrity and competence, rather than confidence.”

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Self-improvement: Atomic Habits

Habits should be small and easy to do. Like atoms, habits can be simply basic changes that will compound and show remarkable results in the long run.

Listen to Jay Kim’s interview with James Clear, or read the transcript

Innovation: Divergent Thinking vs Convergent Thinking

Convergent thinking is based on speed, logic and accuracy, and focuses on finding the best solution. Divergent thinking is non-linear and look for a diverse range of possible solutions.

Successful innovation will require both.

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