Xiangyun Lim

 Photography by Juliana Tan

Photography by Juliana Tan


Here’s what’s beyond that (side) profile:

I do content. My experience spans both digital and print strategy, production and localisation. I have a soft spot for editorial pieces that delve into long-form briefings and profile individuals. You can view more of my work here.

My day job as a Senior Digital Copywriter in PayPal’s international HQ involves writing SEO-optimised and data-informed content across and in various markets.

I translate. Specifically from Mandarin Chinese into English. I started from translating literature, which anchors a sensitivity to nuance, tone and context. It’s more reliable than machine translation.

Will A.I. take over the industry? What’s the difference between literary and commercial translation? You can start questioning (and also read the stuff I’ve published) here.

I like using my skills for social good. Especially for initiatives that empower minority voices and ground-up volunteerism.

It helps to have a background in media communications and the ability to learn fast. I proactively take on varied scopes from marketing and public relations to fund raising and events planning. I learn as I go; agility is key.

I am also human. An individual always curious, learning, responding and adapting. I’ve lived in 5 countries and believe in diversity and challenges. I swim a lot and love working on handstands and inversions. Other party tricks I can bring to the table include baking personalised cakes and finding secondhand bookstores without a map. It’s a magnetic connection.

Again, I invite you to browse a select portfolio of editorial and commercial work, translations, and social campaigns via the links above. You can also read musings and thought starters, or check out the list of books I got through this year.

A digital introduction is useful but also limited. It’s always better when we talk. Why not say hello?